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surfboard shapers can create a shop front to sell their boards and have custom board orders placed.

Boards for Sale

Double flyer pin
$1,230.00 AUD
$750.00 AUD
$750.00 AUD
exhibit A
$700.00 AUD
Squash Tail Thruster
POG No Brainer
$530.00 AUD
Swallow tail fish
POG Fish
$430.00 AUD
6'3" Six Channel Single Fin
Soul Fish Channel Bottom
$500.00 AUD
Flying Fish Twin Fin
Flying Fish Twin
$850.00 AUD
Paulownia Timber EPS Core
Timber EPS Core
$1,050.00 AUD
Custom Hollow Wood Surfboards HWS laser cut frames
HWS Custom
$1,150.00 AUD
Keel Fish
Fried Fish
$650.00 AUD
Twinzer Fish
The Sprat
$650.00 AUD

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