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Born in 1974 , growing up on the beachfront of Tugun located a few kilometers north of world renowned surf breaks Kirra, Greenmount, Snapper Rocks and Duranbah, this is where my connection and obsession with the ocean began. My love for the beach grew along with me and by the time I was 11 years old I was a member of Kirra Surfriders Club and developing my passion and skill as a surfer. The mateship and camaraderie through the generations of surfing mentors that I met through the club were my family and provided me with countless life lessons and inspiration to follow my passion for surfing. It was in 1995 when I started my “apprenticeship” in shaping under the DHD label which gave me invaluable skills and experience in high end performance surfboards. First learning the plan shape process (outline) moving onto rough shaping and then progressing into doing full shapes on a full-time basis. In addition to ghost shaping in 1998 I started shaping my own designs signified by the classic BK SHAPES Grim Reaper logo. This experience further channelled and challenged my knowledge and feel for creating functional equipment. In the year 2000 I traveled to Canada and America to experience life with a couple of boards and a backpack, snowboarding and surfing wherever and whenever i could. After returning home, by 2004 I was back in the bay, ghost shaping with another company on the Gold Coast which I have been doing for the past 12 years. In 2010 I started to get itchy feet and my desire to design and create my own high performance surfboards was ignited once again. Needless to say the last 5 years have been a period of professional growth and development in the way I have evolved as a shaper. Producing a quality handmade custom product is a value I hold close to my heart.
BK Shapes
11/7 Traders Way
Currumbin Waters QLD 4224
+61 412911102

BK Shapes

Board Model: 
Mixed Tape


A really fun easy board to ride inspired by average weak waves. A lot of foam up front for paddling and easy take off. Featuring a low rocker, flat deck, wide point forward, forgiving rails and a single flyer to reduce tail area, making it easier to maneuver. Vee double concave running from nose to tail, complemented with a swallow tail providing drive and easy rail to rail transition. Ride 3”- 5” shorter than the DNA model.

Low rocker
Full forgiving rails
Vee double concave running from nose to tail
Wave Height: 
Knee to head high +
PU Blank
S-Cloth Standard
Fin type: 
Five Fin
Fin System: 
Comes With: 
No Fins
Time Frame:
Made to Order: 
4 weeks
Size Range:
Length Thickness Width Availability Status Buy
5'2" 2' 18', 1/2 Made to Order
5'4" 2', 3/16 19' Made to Order
5'6" 2', 5/16 19', 1/2 Made to Order
5'8" 2', 7/16 20' Made to Order
5'10" 2', 9/16 20', 1/2 Made to Order
6ft 2', 5/8 21' Made to Order
6'2" 2', 7/8 21', 1/2 Made to Order