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I’ve been kneeboarding for nearly 40 years and have surfed a lot of waves on a lot of different boards. I started shaping my own boards in the late 70’s and loved the sense of achievement & satisfaction when something i made worked so well, but when family life calls, luxuries like making kneeboards takes a back seat to actual work that actually makes money. The GFC came along in 2008 and gave me the time to get back into the shaping bay again and it was like riding a bike. It all came back although now it’s with glasses. With an improvement in new materials now readily available, this got me onto the Carbon/EPS track. I’ve never been able to just leave well enough alone and need to try new things. The “Native” logo although used by others just seemed to fit with the look and feel of my boards. My inspiration comes from many areas, existing shapers from all forms even bodyboard design. I try to infuse my boards with aspects of anything that might improve the knee riding experience like speed, agility, ride comfort , ease of paddling and fun. We’re not all pro surfers so getting into the water for some of us is not an everyday thing , when the opportunity presents itself we want it to be......... well thats up to you, but for me it should be refreshing and as exciting as the first time. A B
Native kneeboards
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Native Kneeboards

Board Model: 
All rounder


Deep single Parabolic concave. Medium low rails, flared in the nose for soft landings. also with a bit extra tail kick. As a Quad - Fast, loose n drivey for those sic beachy days n sucky points/reefs. As a Thruster - Stiffer for down the line surfing and tail stability, while still being loose in the juice. As a 5 fin - Use your small wave quad fin set up and slot a small center fin in and you get a different feel again, super stable and loose with speed to burn. This set up . gives the board the agility and speed of a Quad but with extra boost of a Thruster With 6oz Twill weave carbon on the deck and bottom & with a full deck of 4oz glass. This board is light and extremely strong with full longitudinal flex, to let you load it up on big bottom turns. FCS fusion system plugs This board has custom pin lines in Blue & yellow with Blue decals [Paramatta colors ]

Medium low rails
Deep single Parabolic concave
With 6oz Twill weave carbon on the deck and bottom & with a full deck of 4oz glass
Fin type: 
Five Fin
Fin System: 
Comes With: 
No Fins
Time Frame:
Made to Order: 
6 weeks
Size Range:
Length Thickness Width Availability Status Buy
6ft 2', 9/16 23', 1/4 Made to Order