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Condor Surfboards: For anyone who seeks to play amongst the power of Poisiden or visit the kingdom of Neptune on a regular basis then Condor Surfboards has a fine allsortment of spacecraft worthy of the watery walls and crystal caves that every surfer craves. With specialist focus on the creation of individually shaped, uniquely patterned and heavily glassed boards that are completed in entirety from the first flick of foam to the final flex of fins, Nicolas Leon has a strong belief in listening to his customers' aqua-dreams and style-desires to help determine their surfboard design. Thus ensuring each board reflects its owner's artistic intent and that deep revel for a stoked smile across your dial that each and every rider finds. So spread your wings and open your imagination; taking a cosmic flight on a Condor Surfboard.
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Nicolas Leon
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Condor Surfboards
Brisbane QLD 4001